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Who what where when why... HOW? ...Vblank Entertainment?

Located in Vancouver, BC, Vblank Entertainment was founded by Brian Provinciano. Brian is an industry vet and author of the text which you are currently reading, thusly written in the third person for your enjoyment.

The history books speak highly of Canadian video game developer Brian Provinciano, of whom has been named #1 Canadian Video Game Developer six years running by Brian Provinciano, a Canadian video game developer.

In his time at Digital Eclipse, Backbone Entertainment, Jet Black Games and Propaganda Games, Brian's developed for virtually all consoles and handhelds, from the Nintendo DS and PSP to the PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 ...even those Jakks TV Games joysticks!

Retro City Rampage's immense soundtrack has been composed by three incredible chiptune leaders including Leonard Paul, an industry veteran since the Sega Genesis and Jake “Virt” Kaufman, a man who needs no introduction.

Maxime Trépanier is responsible for all of the amazing cutscenes and additional game world art. Nearly every other pixel in the game was done by Brian Provinciano --the possibilities of one are endless, given 7 years ;)


...if you were wondering that is!

In any case...

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For all other questions and comments, email

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