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NEWS! WiiWare, Prototype Version, Steam Sale

Thursday, February 21st , 2013


•  Bonus, Prototype ROM To Be Included

•  PC/Steam will also get the ROM via a free update, same day

•  50% Off Steam Sale, ON NOW

Retro City Rampage finally hits WiiWare in North America and Europe on February 28th (next week).

As a special bonus, both the WiiWare and PC/Steam (via a free update on the same day) versions will include the "ROM City Rampage" Prototype.

Experience what Retro City Rampage could've been like if it were actually released in the '80s, 100% NES hardware-accurate. Imagine what the world would be like had RCR hit the NES back in the day. It WAS technologically possible, and "ROM City Rampage" proves it!


That's not all! The PC/Steam version is ON SALE for 50% OFF.

Get it on sale now and be ready for the free update next week.




•  Retro City Rampage hits WiiWare in North America/Europe Thursday, February 28th

•  It's only 1000 Points ($10, $5 less than the HD version MSRP)

•  Supports the Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and Game Cube Controller (Classic Controller recommended)

•  Supports OPTIONAL Wii Remote shake to pick up and throw (can also use a button)

•  It's for the original Wii, but remember that you can also access the Wii eShop via your Wii U's Wii Mode

Prototype Version, "ROM City Rampage"

•  Also Available February 28th

•  Playable within the game's arcade alongside Virtual Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP: Retro City and Epic Meal Time

•  Included in the Wii version, will be added to PC/Steam via a free update

•  Steam updates automatically. For the DRM-Free version, log into your download page to grab the new version



[Prototype, Wii and Steam Screen Shots and Banners]

[Additional Assets]



"The Making of: ROM City Rampage"



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